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Learny Online

Learny Online is an online educational platform with exclusive, original and quality content.

A learny is a course on demand that combines videos and written content of high quality, accompanied by a test that will allow you to develop skills and acquire tools without the need to spend time and spend money to attend face-to-face classes.


DescontoCupom is a catalog of discount coupons and special offers for virtual shopping in Brazil.

DescontoCupom offers special prices and discount for your virtual shop time.

Marchi Auto

Marchi Auto is auto dealer portal dedicated to Marchi Auto network, official distributor of Fiat and Alfa Romeo cars in central Italy


Socialveo help you build a powerful and beautifully designed social network for your community


Competitive analytics made easy for small business

Online newspaper, homemade beauty tips. is the online newspaper. This website is all about homemade beauty tips.

Free CMS Templates

Free Templates - We do have templates. 55 000+ templates for most popular Content Management Systems!

Offline Tests building tool for Teachers written with Phalcon

Working together prepare tests more effectively to achieve better results in your work!

Yona CMS

CMS based on Phalcon framework with multi module structure

Yona CMS - content management system open source. Written in Phalcon PHP Framework (version 1.3.x).


Website and management system for QuidditchUK

Join QuidditchUK as a member, create your own team, get others to join, then get involved with user submitted events (friendly matches, tournaments) or challenge another team in the separate Challenge Shield League.

Danzer Logs

Your source for buying logs online.


Your hardcore loop machine.

Giada is a free, minimal, hardcore audio tool for DJs, live performers and electronic musicians. How does it work?

Robinson Travel Agency Website is website created for one of most popular Serbian travel agencies.

The forgetful messaging service is a non-permanent sharing service. It allows users to send messages that’ll delete once they’ve been viewed. We’ve created a service where the sender has control of their information, not the receiver.

Imageboard for intelligent individuals is a popular image blog with a lot of interesting brain-improving facts about everything.

Phalcon Powered Email Campaign Platform

Hypermailer is an email platform utilizing Mailgun APIs built with Phalcon.

Phalcon Community Discussion Forum

The Phalcon Community Discussion Forum where Phalconians can ask questions, find answers, offer advice etc.